• Evan & Howard

  • A Word From Our Founder

    Hello, Evan here. GoodDay Puzzles are dedicated to my grandfather Howard, who was known affectionately as Papa or Papa P. My grandfather lost his battle with Alzheimer’s several years ago, but I remember him for his infectious smile, sharp sense of humor, and selfless generosity. I loved spending time in his office, which was a shrine to his various collections of pens, watches, and elephant statues. We could talk for hours about our mutual love for collecting, and he would never let me leave empty-handed. 

    Once I reached my teenage years, the progression of his Alzheimer’s was becoming noticeable. Each visit would be preceded by an adjustment in expectations, not knowing how much his condition might have changed since I last saw him. Dementia can be an ugly disease, but his diagnosis did not stop us from finding joy in each other’s company. Papa showed me the importance of appreciating Today. There can always be something to smile about. 

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What are GoodDay Puzzles?

GoodDay Puzzles are easy jigsaw puzzles for seniors with dementia.

Our age-appropriate activities are thoughtfully simple, and are designed to combat feelings of boredom, uncertainty, and isolation.

How do GoodDay Puzzles differ from standard jigsaws?

GoodDay Puzzles are specially designed for seniors with dementia. Our puzzles differ from traditional puzzles in a few notable ways:

1. Piece size
GoodDay Puzzles have ergonomic pieces that are twice as thick as standard puzzle pieces. Thick pieces are much easier to maneuver for users with arthritis and neuropathy.

2. Piece-count and design
Our puzzles are currently available in 16, 48, and 72 piece varieties. Traditional puzzles are often 500 to 1000 pieces, which can be overwhelming for people with dementia. Inversely, most puzzles with fewer than 100 pieces are made for kids, and are therefore childlike in nature. GoodDay Puzzles combine accessible piece counts with age-appropriate designs.

3. Build-In-Box design
GoodDay Puzzles fit inside the box fully assembled. This feature enables the box to act as a guide, allows the user to solve on their lap, and makes cleanup and transport a breeze!

Do the puzzles or packaging mention dementia?


GoodDay Puzzles are designed to be fun regardless of ability level. It is our duty to protect the user's dignity.

How do I choose the correct piece style?

GoodDay Puzzles are available in 16-piece, 48-piece, and 72-piece varieties. Based on the stages of dementia, our general guidelines are as follows:

Early Stage: 72 Piece

Early / Mid Stage: 48 Piece

Mid / Late Stage: 16 Piece

  • Evan with the first batch of puzzles

  • Original logo sketch

  • Official GoodDay Puzzles logo

  • Original "Beach Day" sketch

  • Finalized "Beach Day" painting by Jakub Hagedorn